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Changshu Tak Yi Non - woven Machinery Co., Ltd

Contact: Qu Jianguo
Mobile: 13962326246
Tel: 0512-52584083
Fax: 0512-52584083
Zip code: 215539
Address: No.2 Industrial Park, Renyang City, Changshu City

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Changshu Deyi Nonwoven Machinery Co., Ltd. is a professional company which produces complete sets of non-woven equipment. The  company has a group of 20 years of research, design, manufacture and  production of non-woven fabrics and non-woven production process of  excellence.

Mission: honest and  trustworthy, quality first; customer first, dedicated service; mutual  benefit and win-win and harmonious development.

Entrepreneurship:  scientific development, seize the opportunity; keep making progress,  Scale the heights; hard work, unity and hard work.

Business  philosophy: people-oriented, scientific management; sincere  cooperation, mutual respect; safety in production, standardized and  orderly.

Selection of non-woven equipment boutique, a  German famous brand, customer satisfaction is our unremitting efforts  to pursue each goal.


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