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Ultrasonic Mop Cloth / Nonwovens Wipe Glove Machine

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Ultrasonic Mop Cloth / Nonwovens Wipe Glove Machine

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Ultrasonic  Mop Cloth / Non-Wipes Wipe Glove Machine (NKMZ01) Machine Overview:  Wipes are made of ultra-fine fine fibers by ultrasonic cutting, coconut  palm opener because of its soft texture to wipe the items do not produce  scratches do not damage the rub Surface, and because of  its characteristics of the material it also has a strong liquid  absorption capacity, dust capacity, so wiping cloth widely used in the  kitchen, furniture, flooring, Non - woven machinery electrical appliances, self-contained,  instrumentation car industry clean wipe The South  force of the ultrasonic wiping machine is the principle of ultrasonic  vibration friction so that the fiber surface of the joint surface  instantly reach the high temperature and then pressure and bonding, this  suture process suture soft, beautiful, free needle and needle low cost. In  addition, the South side of the force of the automatic feeding machine  from the feeding to the finished product completely free manual  operation, every minute to produce 50 to 80 wiping tablets, a  significant reduction in production costs.

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