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Non-woven shoe cover machine

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Non-woven shoe cover machine

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Overview  Non-woven shoe cover machine, also known as foot film machine, is the  automated production of elastic non-woven, coconut palm pad plastic  footwear or foot film of the special machinery, the output per minute up  to 30, the shoe cover machine for hospitals, Foot  bath, sauna, beauty industry or dust-free industry, the whole machine  from automatic feeding to the finished product is fully automated,  without any manual operation. Features and features

Stitching:  the use of ultrasound directly to the various types of fabric suture,  without needle and thread, which can achieve the effect of waterproof. The following are the same as the "

Lace: the use of ultrasound can be all kinds of leather / fabric pressed into any pattern, and there will be no flash. The following are the same as the "

Bronzing: the use of ultrasound can be in all kinds of leather / fabric on the bronzing, fast and effective. The following are the same as the "

Edge: the use of ultrasound can be all kinds of leather / fabric wrapping treatment.


1.  Independent research and development design, product quality  protection; 2 Taiwan imported piezoelectric chip, a strong output  stability; variable frequency motor control, accurate operation; 3. Gold  steel production flower wheel, welding head wear and long life 4. Flower  wheel easy to disassemble, and can be based on customer needs to  replace a variety of graphics flower wheel; partial core adjustment,  flexible, fast, high level 5. Work speed, product effect is good,  quality assurance 6. Full set of high quality import yuan Device  assembly, performance and stability; 7. The use of ultrasonic and  special steel wheel processing, do not hurt cloth edge, no burr 8. Work  without preheating, and continuous operation.

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