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Automatic non - woven bag making machine features

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Automatic non - woven bag making machine features

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1. The use of ultrasonic welding, free sewing, eliminating the need for frequent trouble with the needle, there is no traditional thread suture disconnection joints, jacquard machine can also be a clean cut of the local textile and sealing. Stitching also played a decorative role, strong adhesion, can achieve waterproof effect, embossed clear, the surface is more three-dimensional relief effect, the work speed, the effect of the product is more high-end appearance; quality assurance. 2. The use of ultrasonic and special steel wheel processing, sealing the edge does not crack, do not hurt cloth edge, and no flash, curling phenomenon. 3. Non - woven machinery Manufacturing without preheating, and continuous operation. 4. Easy to operate, and the traditional method of sewing machine operation is not much different from ordinary sewing workers can operate. 5. Low cost, faster than the traditional machine 5 to 6 times, high efficiency. 6. Weight of about 2 tons 7. This machine can produce vest bags, handbags, flat pockets, inserted side bags, bottom bags, stable and efficient. 8. Five sets of ultrasonic system 9. Vest bag: the length of 50-60cm can be set up to a maximum length of 80cm, flat bag: 30 cm wide 70-80 个 / 分; 50 cm wide and 50-60 / min, commonly used 70g Non-woven bags to do.

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