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Non-woven equipment Pillow core automatic cotton filling machine Uses and characteristics

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Non-woven equipment Pillow core automatic cotton filling machine Uses and characteristics

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The non-woven equipment can be used to fill the fiber cotton products, can be filled with long fiber and staple fiber, 0.7D-15D cotton, PP cotton, scrap, plastic particles and foam particles, such as Qiaomai, so that products are even full, more feel. Work efficiency, Non - woven machinery filling speed, filling out the product fluffy, soft, flexible.
1. The production line is mainly made of polyester staple fiber into pearl cotton balls and filled into the pillow, cushions and other products;
2. Applicable fiber material: length of 32mm, 51mm, 64mm of the 3D, 7D, 15D plus silicon staple fiber;
3. Pearl ball machine with multi-roll ball into the ball, produced by the pearl cotton ball uniform, fluffy, flexible, soft to the touch; filled out the product is plump, smooth, resilient, and easy to deformation;
4 quantitative function, the error can be controlled at about 30 grams;
5. High degree of automation, the use of PLC program control, touch screen input, import level sensor automatic feeding control, the entire production line only one operator, saving labor costs;
6. Automatic fixture bagging, the operation of workers without professional skills requirements, reduce dependence on the operation of workers;
7, a cotton mouth with four different specifications filling the cotton tube to meet the needs of different sizes of red cotton products, foot switch control Chong cotton.
8, cotton fill a one-time completion of the loose cotton loose rate of up to 99%, filling speed, simple operation, one to two people to complete the operation.
9, the use of foot switch control of cotton filling, filling the cotton foot pedal when the switch will start the charger, release the foot switch to stop charging the cotton machine, but also work together to reduce the operating procedures to fill the product operation Only speed.
10, the effect of filling out the product fluffy, soft, flexible, saving the amount of cotton, the most important is to save electricity 11, regardless of long-fiber cotton or short fiber cotton, semi-silicon cotton are suitable for use, the use of raw cotton ratio The use of cotton per ton can save more than a thousand dollars, greatly improving production efficiency and reduce production costs and improve product competitiveness.

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