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Process and Characteristics of Non - woven Equipment Spinning Cotton Production Line

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Process and Characteristics of Non - woven Equipment Spinning Cotton Production Line

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The so-called spinning cotton production line is the lower melting point of the chemical fiber bonding fiber mixed with pure cotton or chemical fiber cotton cotton inside, coconut palm pad after heating is low melting point adhesive fiber melting and other fiber cross-linking, Cotton and other chemical fiber cotton together to get the cotton sheet, hot melt cotton is used in hot melt cotton flakes in accordance with the standards made of quilts
Nonwovens Equipment Spinning Cotton Production Line Process
Hot melt quilts production process is the beginning of the 1990s began to rise a new type of fiber processing technology,Coconut mat it is based on cotton, chemical fiber and low melting hot melt fiber as the main raw material, through fiber combing, creep, hot melt, etc. After the key process of processing, so that the mixed fiber in the case of low melting hot melt fusion, the occurrence of cross-linking and the formation of a soft warm and crisp moisture-proof new hot-melt flake production process, because of its cotton Soft and warm, chemical fiber moisture and other characteristics of the broad masses of consumers by the favor.
Technical advantages
With the hot melt, hot rolling as the main means of non-adhesive cotton technology is gradually mature, some special industries began to be equipped with a large area of new quilts, it is cotton, polyester and low melting point fiber by a certain ratio after a certain process , The formation of a soft warm and moisture-proof new hot-melt flakes and quilts. Hot melt flakes and hot melt cotton with hot melt cotton yarn was compared to the tire, with a uniform shape smooth, fluffy soft, crisp moisture, anti-compression elasticity, good warmth, strong tensile strength, easy to wash fast dry, Not rolling, no holes, washable and durable and so on.
Because the hot-melt series of the core, quilts, mattresses, mattresses, etc. both blend of cotton, silk and other traditional natural material characteristics, is a technological innovation. In the promotion of low-carbon environmental protection of today's society has great prospects for development. Some domestic companies have been able to mature the use of hot melt technology. Produce a series of hot melt products.

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