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Improve the white pollution: non-woven industry long way to go

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Improve the white pollution: non-woven industry long way to go

Release date: 2016-07-27 Author: Click:

The state introduced "plastic limit order", the environmental protection bags and non-woven bags manufacturers ushered in a new development opportunities. Jacquard machine to avoid environmental protection bags and non-woven bags can not be better put into environmental protection, thus affecting the environmental protection of social propaganda. Plastic Mita packaging using advanced technology to produce fully biodegradable non-woven bags and green bags. Environmental bags and non-woven bags are best suited to replace existing plastic packaging, will be in the consumer market attention,Coconut mat a strong competitive edge and market prospects.
Only to protect the environment to optimize economic development, change the previous development model, from the source to contain pollution in order to effectively spread the environment. At present, more and more people have felt the changes brought about by non-woven bags and green bags. Behind this reflects the environmentally friendly bags and non-woven bags and effectiveness. Last year, the city's GDP energy consumption targets ahead of schedule, air pollution is significantly reduced and the number of good days gradually increased, but the task of managing white pollution need to continue to work hard.

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