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Nonwovens: stable development in the next few years

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Nonwovens: stable development in the next few years

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With the "separate two children" policy of landing, baby urine is not wet and other disposable health supplies market is expected to show high growth. Many people in the industry, coconut palm pad the next few years the nonwovens industry will maintain a stable and rapid development trend.
In the textile industry as a whole the poor economic situation, the production and sales of nonwovens equipment seems to have not been much affected. Domestic nonwovens manufacturing enterprises have said that this year's complete sets of equipment production and sales are achieved year on year growth.
China Industrial Textiles Industry Association Spunbond Nonwovens Branch Secretary-General Zhang Maijian told reporters that the statistics show that 2012 industry-wide SMS composite non-woven fabric production increased by 31% over the previous year, much ahead of the PP spunbond category 4 % Annual growth rate. In recent years, health, medical products market demand, led the development of SMS coil, surrounded by a set of investment in multi-head (SSS, SMS) spunbond production line boom. At present, the country has formed a production capacity of the SMS production line has reached more than 60 articles. Non - woven machinery Due to the increase in die, equipment production rate has increased significantly, but the user demand is not the same rate of rise, so there have been signs of excess capacity, many of the low level of technology companies have begun to feel the lack of market demand changes.
However, most nonwovens are still optimistic about the future market. Qingdao Qingfeng non-woven Technology Co., Ltd. Deputy General Manager Wang Shuzhen that with the "separate two children" policy of the landing and the continuous improvement of people's living standards, baby urine is not wet and other one-time health supplies market growth is no doubt. This industry will be the next few years the fastest growing, most stable industry. At the same time, Wang Shuzhen also stressed that the current international and domestic non-woven equipment market is increasingly complex, increasingly fierce price competition. Some foreign non-woven equipment factory in China to build factories, domestic non-woven equipment company only continue to improve the technical level of equipment, strengthen the level of after-sales service in order to compete with internationally renowned enterprises to win.
At present, domestic equipment and imported equipment, there are still some shortcomings. China Textile Technology Company Chairman He Xuyi that the gap between domestic equipment and imported equipment mainly in the production efficiency is not high and the lack of quality stability, etc., in some technical details, the human aspects have yet to be improved. Wang Shuzhen in talking about this issue stressed that compared with foreign equipment, domestic nonwovens have a more marketable, close to the user process configuration, with more cost-effective solutions and more efficient after-sales service and other advantages, which is foreign equipment incomparable.

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