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Non-woven, spinning, warp knitting (non-woven equipment) three geotextile process differences

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Non-woven, spinning, warp knitting (non-woven equipment) three geotextile process differences

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Geotextile is an industrial textiles, which include non-woven geotextiles, with geotextiles and warp-knitted composite geotextiles. The three geotextiles have different characteristics depending on the craftsmanship. Non-woven geotextile adhesion is good, there are good stability of spinning geotextile, warp knitted composite geotextile tear resistance. Non-woven geotextile: non-woven geotextile is made of filament or short fiber through different equipment and process shop arranged in a network, after acupuncture and other processes so that different fibers intertwined with each other, tangled to the fabric of the normalization , So that the fabric is soft, plump, thick, stiff, to meet the different thickness to meet the requirements, non-woven geotextile has a good fabric gap, a good attachment from the fiber due to a certain soft anti-tear Film strength at the same time has a good deformation adaptability, but also has a good flat drainage capacity, the surface soft multi-gap has a good coefficient of friction can increase the adhesion of soil particles, etc., can prevent small particles by preventing the loss of particulate matter at the same time Eliminate excess water, the surface is soft and has a good protection. According to the length of the silk is divided into filament non-woven geotextile or short silk non-woven geotextile. They can play a very good filtering, isolation, reinforcement, protection and other effects, is a widely used geosynthetics. Filament tensile strength higher than the short wire, according to the specific requirements of choice. There are at least two sets of parallel yarns (or flat yarns), a group of looms along the loom (the direction of fabric travel) called warp yarn, jacquard machine A set of transverse arrangements is called weft. With a different preparation of weaving equipment and technology Non - woven machinery will be woven and weft woven together woven into cloth, according to the use of different types of knitting into different thickness and density, the general geotextile thin vertical and horizontal have a very strong resistance Tensile strength (longitude than latitude), with good stability. There are two types of reinforced geotextile and reinforced geotextile according to the weaving process and the use of latitude and longitude. The tensile strength of the reinforced geotextile is much larger than that of the ordinary geotextile. There are general application of geotextile and geotextile project reinforcement, the main function is to strengthen the reinforcement, with a plane isolation and protection functions, do not have the plane drainage function can be selected according to the specific purpose of use. Warp knitted composite geotextile: warp composite geotextile is made of glass fiber (or synthetic fiber) as a reinforcing material, through the staple fiber with non-woven composite material made of new geotextile material. Warp knitted geotextile is different from the general woven fabric. Its biggest feature is the intersection of warp and weft without bending, each in a straight state. With the bundling line to bind the two firmly, can be more uniform and uniform, bear the external force, the distribution of stress, and when the applied external force tear material instantaneous, the yarn will be along the initial ridge to increase the tear strength. Warp knitting, that is, the use of warp knitting line in the warp and weft and staple fiber geotextile fiber layer between the repeated walk through the three knot into one. Therefore, warp knitted composite geotextile not only has high tensile strength, low elongation characteristics, but also both the performance of acupuncture nonwovens. Therefore, warp knitted composite geotextile is a kind of reinforcement can be used for reinforcement, isolation protection, and has a three-dimensional as a whole and the level of good water, the role of different water. Because of its solid matrix and pores were continuous phase, a porous effect of the filter, is a multi-functional geotextile composite materials. It is today's high level of international application of geosynthetics substrate.

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