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Market Prospect of Non - woven Bag

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Market Prospect of Non - woven Bag

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"Plastic limit order," the news came out, there are many businesses looking for something to replace the plastic bags, non-woven fabric can be reusable "green shopping bags" has become the focus of business.
    Non-woven bags, commonly known as non-woven bags, is a new generation of environmentally friendly materials, with moisture-proof, breathable, flexible, light weight, not combustion, easy decomposition, non-toxic non-irritating, rich colors, inexpensive, recyclable and so on. The material is placed in the outdoor 90 days can be decomposed naturally, placed in the indoor life of up to 5 years, burning non-toxic, tasteless, and Non - woven without any material left, do not pollute the environment, jacquard is internationally recognized as the protection of the Earth's ecological environment product.
    It is expected that the implementation of "plastic limit", the country's annual demand for environmentally friendly shopping bags can reach tens of billions, which will bring non-woven production enterprises tremendous business opportunities. So many plastic manufacturers are "aiming" on the gold business opportunities in the non-woven industry, have turned to invest in non-woven brewing production.
    So, non-woven bags market prospects? BBS we explore this issue in order to have a more clear understanding of this.
    First, some market conditions:
    1. In Quanzhou, Fujian province, known as the hometown of textiles, many companies have taken action to increase production lines and try to build up the future market. Is located in Quanzhou city of Fujian, Jinjiang, lions and other places, has always been an important non-woven production base, with an annual output of various types of non-woven fabrics have more than 100,000 tons. These local production equipment is relatively complete, more advanced production technology, the production of acupuncture, spunlace, Pen Jiaomian, lining cloth, water-soluble non-woven fabrics and other products with strong market competitiveness. In recent years, with the transformation of consumer attitudes, green will become the main theme of consumption. Non-woven is a new type of environmentally friendly materials in the new market environment will usher in the development of the opportunity, many companies are actively expanding non-woven shopping bags environmental market space.
    2. After the Spring Festival, the State Bridge Industrial (Group) Shenzhen Spunbond nonwovens company general manager Yang natural first thing is to contact the Shenzhen textile and plastics industry friends, to discuss how to promote more environmentally friendly bags in the supermarket. Recently, the bridge received from Hong Kong, Shenzhen and other places of non-woven bags and bags more and more orders, since June 1 this year will be banned since the one-time use of plastic shopping bags, Yang naturally feel that the promotion The time to buy non-woven bags.
    National Bridge is the country's third largest non-woven material suppliers, the Pearl River Delta region of many shopping bags manufacturers are using the bridge non-woven production of environmentally friendly bags. In Baoan Guanlan of the Bridge Industrial Park, three non-woven production line running around the clock. Raw polypropylene particles into the machine, only tens of seconds of time, can be made of non-woven fabrics, where a year can produce 13,000 tons of non-woven fabrics, the output value of more than 200 million yuan. Non-woven in the domestic rapid development prospects are very good. In addition, according to Yang natural introduction, from Japan, Germany, the United States and Australia and other countries of non-woven orders per year to 20% to 30% rate of increase in 1999, the national non-woven production line only 20, has now developed to 300 .
    The industry, the market price of non-woven fabrics is about 15 yuan per kilogram, if made into bags, each ex-factory price of at least 3 to 5 yuan to the weight of the price of non-woven materials at least doubled. At present, Shenzhen non-woven bags with the production of environmental protection enterprises in more than 100. Yang said the bridge is planning to increase the two production lines to expand production capacity, "although the non-woven shopping bags can not completely replace the plastic bags, but some of the alternative can also give the industry a great increment."
    Shenzhen Textile Industry Association, Zhang Jingsheng, an interview with reporters, said that the promotion of environmental protection bags, the Government should assume the role of supervision of the two good off: First, environmental protection, and second, the cost of real "green" cheap shopping bags Into the consumer's life, not because of "plastic limit" to the consumer an additional burden. At the same time the Government should also consider the introduction of environmental protection shopping bags standards, and guide the healthy development of the industry and the public consumption. "Plastic limit" of the introduction of the development of non-woven fabrics to the business opportunities, enterprises should be widely associated with other textile and plastic industry, through the existing channels and purchase and sale of the relationship between the bags into the more consumption market.
    3. According to the survey, recently, Qingdao export-oriented non-woven fabric manufacturers now received a surge in domestic orders, many plastic manufacturers have turned to non-woven fabrics industry. "In the past the main products are exported, and 'plastic limit' look, the local customers take the initiative to come to order." Qingdao Lutheran Yuan Nonwovens Co., Ltd. Du Jun told reporters that since 2000, non-woven into use, Domestic customer orders have been relatively small, and "plastic limit" after the introduction, there are more than 30 customers take the initiative to come to consultation orders to the city's supermarkets and shopping malls-based. According to reports, "plastic limit" message came out, many people are looking for something to replace the plastic bag, non-woven fabric, nylon fabric can be reusable "green shopping bags" has become the focus, and cotton bags, Paper bags as not waterproof, was thrown out of the "generation of plastic" ranks. "Non-woven shopping bags can be reused 10 times or more, the environmental pollution after the waste of only 10% of plastic bags." Engaged in the study of non-woven Du Jun 4 years, the implementation of "plastic limit" Of the annual demand for environmentally friendly shopping bags can reach tens of billions, which will bring non-woven production enterprises tremendous business opportunities. Many plastic manufacturers also "aim" on the non-woven industry, gold business opportunities, have turned to non-woven brewing production. It is understood that since the "plastic limit" issued after the domestic non-woven production leader Yan Lung Holdings performance of tough, just over a week increased by 50%.
    4. From the June 1 "plastic limit" the implementation of the day getting closer, a number of supermarkets in Jinan have already introduced a green bag.
    "Our environmental protection bag 4.9 yuan a, most consumers just do not buy, look at the fresh." Li Shan Road, a supermarket official said. Reporters found a number of large supermarkets in the provincial capital, supermarkets are mostly made of non-woven bags, specifications, colors, different styles, priced at 5 dollars or so, but very few buyers.
    Environmental protection bags supermarket cold, and its design is not unrelated to a single. Ms. Wang, who is shopping bags, said: "I like to be able to fold the bags, so that can be placed in the bag, if you work every day to get a big bag, feel very inconvenient." Mr. Zhang is that men take shopping bags in addition to Consider the appearance, may be more concerned about portable. "Raw food cooked food, household items put together unsanitary, environmental protection bags should also consider the separation function, if you can in the multi-sub-layer just fine." Mr Zhang added.
    Although environmentally friendly bags sold in the supermarket in general, but the Internet was selling well. In Taobao, a number of shops are selling storage bags, shopping bags, stationery bags, non-woven bags and other Japanese and Korean environmental protection products, beautiful colors, pretty patterns, changing the pattern that many buyers have. A shop owner said, compared with ordinary handbags, her bags in particular, is not shopping, carrying a street is also very appropriate. Prices are not expensive, ranging from 10 to 30 yuan.
    School of Management, Shandong University, Dr. Yu Wei analysis, pretty practical bags online hot, rather than seize the demand of young fashion online consumers are inseparable, the supermarket bag only meet customer needs, to find the market.
    Sichuan Academy of Social Sciences Institute of Sociology Associate Professor Hu Guangwei that "plastic limit" the introduction of the development of the non-woven fabrics industry has brought business opportunities, enterprises should be broadly combined with other textile and plastic industry manufacturers, through the existing access channels And buying and selling relationship, the bags into the broader consumer market.
     Second, the investment situation:
    The industry pointed out that by 2010, the world's annual consumption of non-woven final product will increase to 6.3 million tons. The use of nonwoven products in hygiene products, automotive materials and other new developments will continue to grow rapidly as nonwovens in certain end products continue to replace woven fabrics, with nonwovens accounting for the majority of technical textiles The market share will increase from 23% to 26%. In the country continue to implement the impact of environmental policies, China's non-woven industry will be further developed.
    According to statistics, China's annual consumption of the number of plastic bags is about 50 billion, once the ultra-thin plastic shopping bags from the market exit, will make a huge market space, at present, many non-woven enterprises in China have begun to shift production Woven bags. Is this a huge business opportunity for our nonwovens? It is understood that the worst non-woven bag production line as long as 10 million, good to more than 100 million. How to invest in enterprises launched non-woven bags?
    1. "Huge business opportunities" cause enterprises have launched
    It is understood that the "ban on plastic" news came out, many people are looking for something to replace the plastic bags, non-woven bags, paper bags and other reusable "green shopping bags" has become the focus, but the paper bag in the production The process of pollution, destruction of the ecological environment, can not be the best alternative. Non-woven production process with short, high yield, variety changes quickly, a wide range of raw materials, long life, with automatic degradation and other characteristics, is considered the best alternative to plastic bags. Some experts estimate that non-woven shopping bags can be reused more than 10 times, the environmental pollution after the waste of only 10% of plastic bags, therefore, has a wide range of market prospects.
    At present, throughout the country, a number of non - woven products business has taken action, in order to divide up the future market cake Xu Li. Among them, a non-woven products in Guangdong Co., Ltd. recently launched a second spunlace production line. In addition, Guangdong, another non-woven production enterprises are also taking the non-woven shopping bags to expand the pace of development. In addition to non-woven fabric manufacturers, many plastic manufacturers also "aim" on the gold business, have turned to non-woven brewing production.
    2. Rational investment in the production of non-woven bags
    (1) "ban plastic order" really give non-woven industry tremendous business opportunities? China Industrial Textiles Association Zhu Minru said, non-woven bags have been produced, but because of its cost than plastic bags, has not been widely used. "Prohibition of plastic," the introduction of course, to the non-woven industry to provide a certain opportunity, but not speculation in the great business opportunities, and the use of non-woven bags will not be as big as plastic bags. Production of non-woven bags should pay attention to the following questions:
    First of all to consider is the cost of the problem, and now raw material prices rose relatively large, to the enterprise caused a certain pressure, while in the production process the cost is much higher than the plastic bag. After forming the product, but also consider the appearance of the bag printing, design. These costs will inevitably be imposed on consumers, affecting the widespread use of non-woven bags, so enterprises in the production process to consider how to greatly reduce costs.
Followed by a strong problem. Different materials produced by the strength of non-woven bags are different, and what kind of material to do more powerful bag can be regarded as qualified, there is no uniform standard. Zhu Minru revealed that the current China Textile Industry Association is working to develop some of the relevant standards, will soon be introduced.
    The third is a functional problem. Non-woven bags in use will inevitably encounter tofu, fish, meat and some water-based, oily items, the development process to consider the bag waterproof, anti-oil, anti-fouling and other issues.
    Fourth, the recovery problem. Non-woven bags can not be recycled as scrap directly as spinning, non-woven bag recycling business applications should also be considered one point.
    Therefore, the chairman Zhu Minru called for enterprises to invest in non-woven bags should be treated rationally, not blind investment.
   (2) Quanzhou Bags Chamber of Commerce that the domestic consumption of bags is still in the stage of cultivating the market, "plastic limit" promulgation of non-woven fabrics industry to provide certain opportunities, but the enterprise moved to the domestic market to be rational.
    First of all to consider the issue of financial strength. The domestic market is slow, the capital return cycle is long, if the financial strength of the enterprise to develop the domestic market, "may have to go back."
Followed by the design capability. At present, non-woven bag export enterprises production model is: by foreign contractors to provide design drawings, domestic enterprises are only responsible for production. Now moved to the domestic market, we must consider the independent design, which requires talent and capital investment.
    In addition, also consider the cost. At present, the production of non-woven raw material prices rose relatively large, to the enterprise caused a certain pressure in the production process, the cost is much higher than plastic bags, companies should fully control costs and improve profitability.
    3. Opportunities are good "bottleneck" difficult to understand
    The industry believes that with the appreciation of the renminbi and other factors, non-woven production enterprises moved to the domestic market is an inevitable trend, but the non-woven bag access threshold is low, making the industry cohabitation, the profit is not high. As companies have launched production of non-woven bags, fought in the domestic market, "bottleneck" also began to appear, that is how to build a brand called, and then capture the market and increase profits.
    To improve the competitive advantage of non-woven bag products, it must be in the design, brand building and more under some effort. However, the current patent protection situation, the enterprise design a hard look at the patent, there will soon be a large number of counterfeiters there, affecting the enterprise independent research and development initiative.
    On the other hand, enterprises to build brand is a long process, non-woven bag manufacturers to play sound brand, can not be achieved overnight, but also have to consider the financial strength. As a transitional stage, some companies are considering the purchase of foreign famous brand cartoon image, in order to improve product awareness.
    Non-woven production with short process, high yield, variety changes quickly, a wide range of raw materials, long life, with automatic degradation characteristics, coupled with the national environmental protection efforts continue to strengthen and the "Olympic Year" "Has become a benchmark in the domestic manufacturing industry, and thus affect the downstream industry chain. Once the ultra-thin plastic shopping bags from the market, will make up a considerable market space, non-woven bags will be the best alternative, which non-woven bag manufacturers is undoubtedly a great good news.
    As for the non-woven bags in the June 1 to replace the market performance of plastic bags, we might as well wait and see.

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