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Manufacturing enterprises to electricity or difficult to transition?

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Manufacturing enterprises to electricity or difficult to transition?

Release date: 2016-12-05 Author: Click:

Why do steel mills do business is difficult to succeed? There are many companies tend to overestimate their ability to go far in the wrong direction will stop, self-built steel mills business platform is one of them. Successful e-commerce platform by the incentive to join the Internet manufacturing enterprises, often eventually found themselves in the wrong way.

According to China Federation of Logistics and Purchasing statistics, in 2015 there are 580 domestic Hard cotton bulk e-commerce enterprises, involving more than 140 steel fields. This situation is easy to understand, because steel is known as the backbone of the economy, is the lifeblood of some urban economies, but these years the main industry less money, thanks to the main industry around the mining, steel processing pocket, steel trade is one of the An important part of the steel mills have to test water and electricity providers, trying to find a new way out. In addition, along with join in the fun of steel trade, logistics companies, information companies. However, the fact has proved that manufacturing companies involved in electric business is difficult to succeed. When the Internet has not yet universal, the e-commerce on board the university classroom, said the sales industry will usher in the revolution, companies can sell products in their own websites, many companies also self-built website sales of their products, unfortunately, without exception, Because these companies find it difficult to attract their own website enough to consumers, product pricing is too low will offend the original dealer. There are still some manufacturing companies adhere to self-built electronic business platform, for example, often in their own mall hang out a new mobile phone, but the price is often more expensive than third-party sites, indicating that these companies only their online mall as a promotional platform. Manufacturing enterprises self-built electric business difficult to many reasons, which is mainly a single product, it is difficult to provide one-stop shopping, no way to form a scale advantage. And to the full range of goods, it is necessary to competitors on the product, but inevitably filled with mistrust between each other. In addition, such a platform to sell their own products and sell competitors products, buyers may be worried about the lack of access to fair product information, so that platform loss of credibility. Although some steel mills electronic business platform sales grew rapidly, but mainly because the relationship between good steel traders settled, sales channels to move it, does not mean a good future. So, commodity trading, will trip out of a different from Taobao, Jingdong and other consumer goods shopping platform to a new way? In theory, commodity trading, than Taobao, Jingdong shopping platform, such as fewer objects, and the less the transaction object, the more easy for manufacturers to get involved in the field of sales and success. For example, the price of a single product and more professional products, direct sales by the manufacturers, because fewer clients need long-term tracking, the need to stabilize the sales force. If, like fast moving consumer goods, as many customers, you need to rely on a large dealer team. But the steel looks simple, in fact, a wide range of customer needs is difficult to standardize, requires a lot of service, before the steel companies will use large steel trade team distribution, there will be no difference. Various types of domestic electricity business platform, the protagonist is all kinds of dealers, specializing in the surgery industry. Suning, the United States once Cuikulaxiu to establish home appliance chain model, which is the dealer revolution. And this revolution, if successful, will be very valuable, such as Suning, Gome's heyday, the gross margin levels are often more than production enterprises, the valuation is also significantly higher than the latter. After a variety of commodity distribution channels will change, but not dominated by the manufacturer. A-share market is currently involved in three major steel trade: Shanghai Steel Alliance, Minmetals Development and Europe Pu Zhi Network (18.30,0.00,0.00%). The former mainly to information services, similar to the delisting of the Alibaba in Hong Kong, mainly rely on membership fees, as well as the exhibition and other profit; Minmetals development is mainly traditional steel trade, including export business; Warehouse logistics. The last two years, the three companies are to the online trading platform, three companies have their advantages.

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