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Non-woven wide range of applications

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Non-woven wide range of applications

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The non-woven fabric is a non-woven fabric which is not knitted or knitted, and is also called "non-woven fabric". Coconut palm open charter its raw materials are synthetic fiber or natural fiber, people can use the final product selection fiber raw materials to determine the different manufacturing methods, production of different specifications of the product.

Ultra-thin non-woven fabric is a member of this family, it is thin as yarn, white as cotton, with moisture, non-toxic, breathable, translucent, soft texture and so on. It is based on low-melting point fiber and high melting point fiber as raw material,Non - woven using hot-melt non-woven production process, through the carding, forming into a net, plied hot forming, coiling, slitting and other processes production process, this process More than twice the normal work efficiency can improve work efficiency.

Ultra-thin non-woven fabrics can be processed many kinds of products, uses a wide range.

First of all, it is an ideal medical health materials. It has the appropriate strength, flexibility, good moisture permeability and bloody water diffusion, can effectively resist bacterial penetration and liquid pollution, and can effectively control the pollution pathway, to avoid cross-infection, reduce the shedding hairiness, purification Surgical environment, easy to use, easy to store, and these advantages is the traditional cotton fabric and viscose textile and sanitary materials can not. "Ultra-thin non-woven" can be made into first-aid kits, wound dressing, open towels, bandages, rubber, cotton and so on.

Ultra-thin non-woven fabrics in the industrial use of agricultural production is also a lot of it can be made turtle cable insulation reinforcement materials, synthetic leather fabric, food bags, filter materials, high strength paper, lens paper, Wiping cloth, handicrafts Kam-lined, general clothing lining, fruit protective cover, nursery mats, and so on. In addition, the embossing process can also be made into a beautiful, elegant napkins, tablecloths, tablecloths and other daily necessities.

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