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The application of non - woven fabrics in medicine

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The application of non - woven fabrics in medicine

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Changshu Deyi Nonwoven Machinery Co., Ltd. specializes in producing non-woven equipment, non-woven bag making machine, PET needle-punching production line and non-woven post-processing equipment. Nonwovens are used in all walks of life.
With the development of medicine, the traditional medical cotton imitation products have been gradually Non - woven machinery replaced by medical non-woven products, jacquard machine is only environmental protection, medical non-woven fabrics on the edge, the greater advantage is It is a kind of bacteria, high dust filter, low surgical infection rate, disinfection and sterilization, easy to compound with other features such as material, so that was loved by everyone. Above is the use of non-woven in the medical use of a wide range.

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