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Non - woven equipment spinning cotton production line technical process and characteristics

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Non - woven equipment spinning cotton production line technical process and characteristics

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The so-called spinning cotton production line is the lower melting point of chemical fiber fiber mixed with pure cotton or cotton chemical fiber cotton inside, after heating is low melting point bonding fiber melting and other fiber cross-linking, so that the cotton and Other chemical fiber cotton together to get the cotton sheet, hot-melt cotton quilts is in accordance with the standards of cotton quilts made of hot melt cotton
         Non - woven equipment spinning cotton production line technical process
         Hot-melt cotton quilts production technology is the early 1990s the rise of a new type of fiber processing technology, which is cotton, chemical fiber and low melting point of hot-melt fibers as the primary raw material, through the fiber pack, creep, hot melt, etc. Non - wovenThe key process of processing the future, so that the elastic fibers in the melting point of the melting point of hot-melt heating of the case, the occurrence of cross-linked to each other to form a soft and warm and Tingzao moisture of the new hot melt flake attack technology, because both cotton Soft and warm, moisture-proof chemical fiber and other characteristics of a wide range of people like to spend.
         Technical interest
         With the hot-melt, hot-rolled as the primary method of non-gel cotton technology is getting old, some special work initially large area equipped with new quilts, it is cotton, polyester and low melting point fiber according to a certain ratio after a certain technical process , Composed of a soft warm and moisture-proof of the new hot-melt flakes and quilts. Hot-melt flakes and hot-melt cotton and hot-melt cotton yarn is tire compared with the formation of uniform formation, loose soft, crisp moisture, strong anti-crunch elasticity, good warmth, tensile strength, washable quick-drying, Rolling Xu, not a hole, washable with the other characteristics.
Because the hot-melt series is the core, quilts, mats, mattresses, etc., which blend of cotton, silk and other traditional natural material characteristics, is a technological transformation. In the proposed low-carbon environmental protection in today's society has great prospects for development. Domestic part of the company is now able to use the old hot-melt technology. To produce a series of hot-melt products.

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