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Coconut brown mat

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Coconut brown mat

Release date: 2016-12-29 Author: Click:

A coconut palm mat is a natural coconut palm fiber obtained from a coconut shell.
Natural coconut palm silk:
Use: to produce mats. Sofa mats. Car mat. Soil and water adhere to board, natural non-toxic. Can be clean. Breathable performance, and with the characteristics.
Coconut palm mat:
Give a coconut palm cushion (cover all of the description):
Coconut palm silk made of all-fiber elastic pad features are: permeability and permeability, and winter can adhere to the mattress dry and loose, summer heat, to reach the Dongnuanxialiang more fruit. Another full-brown mat also has a feature, that is, uniform force, moderate hardness, it does not force the tension when the announcement of the clash of spring, but not "jump spring, celestial spring" scene. Coconut palm fiber mats in the national Ministry of Light Industry furniture testing base of the test, passed the 100,000 durability test. Zongmian all without separation, no loose raw materials scene. Durability Beyond the class A spring tread. Coconut palm fiber together with a non-fade, non-toxic, no smell and other advantages.

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