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The structure of sound-absorbing panels is specified

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The structure of sound-absorbing panels is specified

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There are many types of sound-absorbing panels he plans to form, his type is very much, there are acoustic spikes, loose sound-absorbing panels (three-dimensional dispersion-type sound-absorbing panels), aluminum honeycomb perforated sound-absorbing panels and wood perforated sound-absorbing panels.
Sound-absorbing wedge is a special sound absorption plan material for strong sound-absorbing field. It is made of porous (or fibrous) material. It is made into cone-shaped or sharp-shaped sound absorbing body. It is sound- Acoustic wedge for strong airflow environment, the main object is a high-quality anechoic chamber, the absorption of low-frequency is more useful to eliminate the standing wave, reaching the need to eradicate the echo, low cut-off frequency sound absorption coefficient greater than 0.99, with polyester Into the V-type, W-shaped sound-absorbing wedge compared with the general sound absorption wedge with a smaller footprint and more reasonable offer and other characteristics. In addition to all the functions of the flat sound-absorbing panel, the diffuser sound-absorbing panel can conduct the different viewpoints of the sound wave through its three-dimensional surface, eliminate the dead zone of the sound wave during the slackening process,Coconut palm improve the sound quality, balance the sound, Treble, the whispered compensation.
Aluminum honeycomb perforated sound-absorbing panel structure plan for the perforated panel and perforated backplane, relying on excellent bonding with aluminum honeycomb core honeycomb core into a direct honeycomb sandwich plan, honeycomb core and the panel and paste a layer of sound-absorbing cloth. As the cellular honeycomb within the honeycomb core is divided into a number of closed cells, to prevent the air activity, so that sound is blocked, improve the sound absorption coefficient (up to 0.9 or more), with the plate itself to increase the strength of a single plate size Can be larger and further increase the degree of freedom of the plan, according to the indoor acoustics program, the perforation rate is not the same plan, within a certain range of control plan sound absorption coefficient, both plan to reach the role, but also reasonable control of the cost , Through the control of perforation aperture, pitch, and according to customer needs to change the perforation rate, the maximum perforation rate of <30%, aperture generally use ∮2.0, ∮2.5, ∮3.0 and other standards, the backplane perforation and panel the same, Selection of excellent non-woven fabrics and other sound-absorbing material
The gypsum board has a cylindrical hole penetrating through the front and the disagreement of the gypsum board. The gypsum board is made of a combination of an air-permeable backing material and a sound-absorbing material capable of absorbing incident sound energy. The sound absorption mechanism is There are many fine interconnected pores in the material, along which sound waves can deepen the material and generate acoustic energy to convert heat energy into the material. Sound absorption characteristics of porous sound-absorbing material is followed by the increasing frequency of sound absorption coefficient increases, which means that no absorption of low-frequency high-frequency absorption is good.

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