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Advantages of Non - woven Equipment Sensors and Conduction

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Advantages of Non - woven Equipment Sensors and Conduction

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Advantages of Non - woven Equipment Sensors and Conduction
The level of non-woven sensing equipment is directly related to the control level of the system. The non-woven equipment, such as comb-line density sensor, there is a mechanical electrical, optical, capacitive, isotope-based, Yue Sheng-style, Non - woveninduction, pneumatic, microwave and other sensing detection equipment, The reason, now mostly for mechanical.

Therefore, the development of new sensors has a major significance. The development direction of the sensor is frequency, digital, integrated, composite and intelligent. When using the sensor, it should be considered with the controller matching.For example, the use of Uster Night P-type sensor line on-line to determine the comb of the number of sliver variation, note irregularities and spectroscopy, and FP sensor Of the Uster note data equipment to the above parameters and data sent to the emblem of the controller, to facilitate the emblem machine controller timely correction.

Non-woven printing equipment with the ring is the main component of the screen printing machine, playing the role of lotus fabric and printing cushion, request cover plastic has excellent flexibility, wear resistance, dye resistance, oil resistance, The body is not elongated, no deformation, uniform thickness, scale stability, transportation is indeed attached, so as to ensure the quality of printing. Non-woven equipment is a circular tape with a core for the fabric, mai-li masking resistant rubber (Lin, chloroprene). Foreign countries such as Japan's Maruyama Industries and West Germany have been able to produce a width of 3 meters, 80 meters perimeter of the k-type conduction band. In the late seventies, foreign countries in order to control the scale of a high degree of stability of the conduction band, to complete the rotary screen printing machine from the lotus, high efficiency, excellent production, the belt structure was a serious innovation, that is, in the conduction band fabric layer buried two layers of glass Swiss fiber line layer, plus the stability of the structure, to prevent elongation, deformation (and use a special drum vulcanizing machine, and into the ring without the aid of the first conduction band.

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